Clinical ethics consultation

Clinical ethics consultations

The consultations is conceived as an aid to the medical decision making process. It does not result in a formal advice and neither is it a simply a way to justify a decision which has already been made. It is based on what we have called the “commitment approach” (link to article), a methodology which has been specifically elaborated over the years by the Center’s members.

The consultation service consists of a three-step process.

  1. After a consultation has been requested and all parties have agreed to pursue the process, a multidisciplinary team of two or three people meets with all stakeholders separately in order to understand their respective positions, arguments and reasons.
  2. Consultants present the case to a case-conference interdisciplinary properly trained group (15/20 associate members). The case is thoroughly discussed from several perspectives and one or more recommendations emerge
  3. The summary of the discussion and/or the recommendations that have emerged are communicated to each stakeholder.

The consultation output does not constitute a formal advice and is not written in the medical record. Stakeholders are suppose to seize upon the consultation results in order to understand other points of views and advance together on the decision making process.

Anybody (HCP , patient, family member) can request a consultation. The process will not go through unless all concerned parties agree to meet and/or talk to the consultants.

In order to request a consultation, you can either write to:

Or call: +331 58 41 22 33