The Center is directed by Véronique Fournier and is managed by a multidisciplinary team.


Véronique Fournier (MD, PhD)
Public health physician and cardiologist

Missions: consultations, training and research in clinical and ethics, international relations, facilitation of multidisciplinary work and structure in general.
Research focus: organ donation, medically assisted reproduction, end of life, aging, transsexualism, precariousness, clinical ethics method.
Direct line: 01 58 41 22 28. Mail:


Permanent team members

Nicolas Foureur (MD)
Medical practitioner, Dermatologist, former head of clinic in geriatrics (Curriculum Vitae)

Missions: consultations, training and research inclinical ethics, group facilitation.
Research areas: psychiatry, aging (institutionalization, dependency), end of life, sexual health, clinical ethics.
Direct line: 01 58 41 24 24 09. Mail:



Marta Spranzi (PhD)
Philosopher, associate Professor at the University of Versailles (UVSQ).

Missions: consultations, « Ethics Tuesdays », international relations, research and publications.
Fields of research: end of life, medical integrity, clinical ethics methodology, ethical principles.
Direct line: 01 58 41 32 64. Mail:



Cynthia Le Bon
Laboratory Technician

Missions: logistics related to the hospital’s administrative and clinical services and other external networks and partners, consultations and research.
Fields of research: ethics of care team, geriatrics
Direct line: 01 58 41 23 55. Mail: 


Silvana Théry
Medico-administrative assistant

Missions : secretary ; administrative and financial management of the Center for clinical ethics ; coordination of the agenda and logistics organization ; interface with the different departments and the directions of the Hospital
Special features : phone reception and dispatching ; resource person for the reception of patients, families, trainees and all those who request the Center for clinical ethics
Direct line : 01 58 41 22 54. Mail :